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Planned Parenting (PP)

Planned Parenting is a Court and DCF approved Parenting and Anger Management program. (PP) is a supportive, welcoming and free community-based individual/group work course for parents who want to resolve issues that might be affecting their children’s growth and wellbeing. It’s a safe space program for parents, couples and co-parents to work together in the best interest of their children.

Both, the parenting and the anger management course it’s a 6 sessions (one per week) program that is led by trained professional workers who work with both parents to foster long lasting change. Planned Parenting is a service for parents, whether living together, separated, divorced, following civil partnership dissolution, or in blended families, who are having difficulty parenting their children co-operatively and are in conflict over parenting issues. This program looks at the whole family, not just the relationship between parents and their children.

If you worried that stress in your life, your relationship or your marriage is affecting your children?

  • This 6-week course will give you:
  • Will learn new parenting skills
  • New anger management techniques
  •  A safe space to think through difficulties involving yourself and your children
  • New, more constructive ways of resolving your differences
  •  Support from other parents in similar situations

It is recommended that both parents attend this 6 weeks course where they will partake in activities and discussions that will encourage them to explore issues around their parenting with other parents experiencing similar situations. The sessions are delivered by trained social workers, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapist and volunteer parents.

Families also provide free child care during sessions.

  • Again, this course is for parents who:
  • Are either living together or separated
  • Have at least one child under the age of 13
  •  Are over the age of 18


We conducted group onsite.

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